You are currently feeling down about the size of your breast. You may feel like they are just too small, but you do not want to get implants to enhance them. If you are looking for some alternative options, there are a few natural ways to start increasing your breast size. You will need to stay persistent with the different techniques below to achieve the absolute best results.

Add a Few Different Foods to Your Diet

There are some foods that help to increase the amount of estrogen your body will produce. It is ideal to start consuming these foods daily if you would like to increase your breast size. Some of the best foods to add to your diet include chicken, yams and strawberries. If you do not like to eat these foods, it is best to find creative ways to start preparing them.

If you do not enjoy eating strawberries and yams, you can choose to blend them together with some flavorful fruits to make a smoothie. It is often much easier to consume fruits and vegetables that you do not like to eat when you blend them with other tasty ingredients that can overpower their flavor.

Perform Specific Exercises

Did you know certain exercises you do can actually help to increase your breast size? You do not need a gym to complete any of these simple and effective exercises. In fact, you will only need a yoga mat and a few dumbbells. The dumbbells should be heavy enough to give you a slight challenge, but you should never lift more than what you can handle.

One of the first exercises you should start doing on a daily basis involves resting directly on your back while on top of the yoga mat. You will need to grab one dumbbell for each hand, stretching your left arm out to the left side and your right arm out to the right side of your body. While keeping your back flat on the floor, you will need to lift both arms up in the air until they meet with one another, hold them in place and then bring them back down to the floor. Consider doing at least 20-30 sets at a time.

You can even do sets of push-ups against the wall to increase your breast size and help lift them naturally. The best way to do the push-ups against the wall is to place your feet together about two or three steps away from the wall and lean forward with your arms pressed against it. Move forward while slightly bending your arms and then pull your body backward. You can do several sets of these wall push-ups throughout the day, even while you are working at the office!

If you want to increase your breast size, you do not necessarily have to get any type of cosmetic surgery. As long as you are patient and willing to add a few different foods to your diet while doing certain exercises regularly, you should gradually start to see an increase. Learn how to increase your breast size naturally at home fast